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We help Direct Sales Leaders Recognize and Celebrate their
Team Members, giving them more time back in their day.

We give you the Freedom to be the Leader you always wanted to be

Are you feeling overwhelmed in your Direct Sales business? No time to recognize your Team Members monthly efforts or send them happy mail to give them that well deserved u-rah-rah!!?  We are here to help! 

*  Weekly and Monthly Communications to celebrate team members achievements via email or social media.

*  Incentive Tracking - including mid month, trip and other company contests.

*  New Consultant Welcome Material

*  Graphic Design support services - social media content,  event flyers and postcards.

*  Any type of Virtual Assistant service support for your Direct Sales business.

adjust your crown and get ou day started

We would love the chance to connect with you about your current needs.  No need is to big or small. If you are struggling to keep it all together, let us help take some of that off of your plate so you have more time to finish other things on your task list.  Fill out the information below under "Request a Call Back" and let's get you going on the right track!  

Who we can help!

· Leaders & Consultants  in Direct Sales                         Companies/MLMs

· Coaches/Mentors

· Real Estate Agents

· Law Firms

· Teachers

· Event Planners

· Non Profits, Charities

· Personal Trainers

We can truly help anyone who is looking for more time in their busy day!

Let's Connect!

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