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My name is Amy Luedtke and I am the founder of Crown Virtual Services.  I have enjoyed doing office work, in some fashion, for the past 29 years.  I have been blessed to have been able to work with many business professionals and gain experience from all of them.  I am excited to offer alternative business solutions that will benefit small businesses, professionals in direct sales or any busy executive.



I have been working in Direct Sales for over 20 years.  At some point in 

those years, I have been an Independent Consultant with Mary Kay, Silpada Designs Jewelry and Thirty-One Gifts. During that time, I enjoyed every aspect of being a Consultant as well as being a Director/Leader.  I started working with my Mary Kay Sales Director, in her office, shortly after becoming a Consultant.  During that time, I took the initiative to start creating flyers, graphics, postcards, newsletters and helping with the many Director duties to reduce her workload.  I was enjoying the work so much that I took on the opportunity to work with other Directors in my area as their in-office Assistant as well as virtually.  I was also asked to come on board and help with the administrative work for a “Mary Kay University” organization.  In 2012, I was blessed to start working with Leaders in Thirty-One Gifts helping with all office tasks. Over the past 5 years, our business has grown and we have started working with many other Leaders in different Direct Sales organizations as well as Real Estate Companies, Banks and small business owners to help them with marketing.  I am excited to say my full time job is working this business and helping Leaders and Directors all over the United States and Canada with every aspect of their direct sales business.  I continue to truly enjoy working with these types of professionals in their business, and feel rewarded knowing my assistance is a part of their success!



With finding the need to help Small Business Owners and truly having a passion for it, I started Crown Virtual Services and have an amazing Team of gals who all work together to make this Company a success.  Our Team combined has many years of Direct Sales and Administrative experience.  Our clients are #1 to us and we truly, truly enjoy the relationships we have with each one of them and even some of their families and Teams!  Let our passion and expertise in many areas help you grow your business and share the love with those in your small business arena.

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