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2021 Holiday Engagement Graphics

Rustic Wreath.png

Holiday Social Media Posts are crucial to your social marketing plan for the upcoming season.

Holiday posts during the holiday season can produce some of the most valuable content.  What do I mean by that?  It helps you learn more about your VIP's instead of just throwing "salesy" posts at them all the time.  Celebrations are a great way to connect with your audience in that group. The graphics we are offering help bring balance to your page.

Surprise and delight your audience with these amazing graphics.  Engage with them and generate more likes and shares with the engaging content you post.  Holiday and event posts are some of the most engaging.  This will help drive your audience to share more about you and the product you offer.


 you receiveroduct for social media platorms.Are you looing to get more engagement in your VIP groups this Holiday season?  How about graphics that help you get to know your VIP's better?  We have just the answer for you!

Christmas Greetings!

mail box.jpg

Would you like to wish the Gals and their Families on your Team a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, but don't have the time? We have just the solution!  Let us send a greeting for you!  

Each Postcard is $.98/US $1.78/CA + Postcard Fee

Canadian postcards can also just be shipped to you without postage to mail out yourself. You would be responsible for shipping charges.

A postcard fee will be added to each order to cover all preparations. (This includes, printing, postage and mailing services). 

0-49 = $10   50-99=$15   100-199=$20   200-299=$25 300-399=$30  400-499=$35   500+=$40

A return address label, with all of your information on it, will be applied to each postcard. We will print out your return address label so the postcards look like they came directly from you.

Additional Fees 

Would you like your cards personalized with a hand signature from our Team?  If so, we are happy to hand sign your postcards with your first name only
0-50 Consultants: $6
51-100 Consultants: $8
101-199 Consultants $15
200+ Consultants $20

If you are a current monthly client, your card on file will be charged for this service.  If you are not a current monthly client, GO HERE FIRST to add your payment information. Once completed come back to this page to complete your order.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at

Christmas 2020 Postcard Order Form

*1. Contact Information

A: Christmas Truck

Wishing you a Merry Christmas Front.png

Back of Card:

May your Holiday be filled

with joy and happiness.

B: Plaid Holidays

Happy Holidays.png

Back of Card:

Wishing you a wonderful

Holiday Season

and Happy New Year!

C: Purple Christmas

Merry Christmas Purple.jpg

Back of Card:

May the Spirit of Christmas

bring you peace,

the gladness of Christmas

give you hope,

the warmth of Christmas

grant you love.

*2. Postcard selection and choice of Team, Downline or Customers. 

If you would like us to send greetings to more then one option (Team and Downline or Team and Customers, etc.) please indicate that in the additional notes just below.

Who are we sending your postcards to?

Having trouble uploading your file? Alternatively, you can email it to

Upload Excel Spread Sheet

*3. Sign Postcards by CVS Team

By checking the circle below, if applicable, I am aware that an additional fee will be added to my invoice to have my NAME ONLY signed on each of the postcards by the CVS Team.

Additional Fee for this Add on:

  • 0-50 Consultants $6

  • 51-100 Consultants $8

  • 101-200 Consultants $15

  • 200+ Consultants $20

*4. Required ONLY for those who are not current Monthly Clients

We will be in touch for additional information shortly!


Not seeing what you want? Send an email to and let us know what you are looking for. We have lots of postcards in stock from prior years.

All postcards are in stock. However, should one style be sold out, it is a possibility we will ask you to choose another option.

The Team at Crown Virtual Services would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to you for allowing us to work with you on providing this service.


Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Postcards Now Available To Order

May your holiday be filled with

joy and happiness

christmas postcard order form

An error occurred. Try again later

D: 'Tis the Season

Tis the Season 31 Logo.png

Back of Card:


Happy Holidays!

May the warmth and peace

of the Holiday Season be

yours today and always.

E: Rustic Wreath

Rustic Wreath.png

Back of Card:

May you have the gift of Faith,

the Blessings of Hope

and the Peace of His Love

at Christmas and throughout the New Year.

F: Pink Tree

We wish you a merry christmas .png

Back of Card:

May your Christmas be bright and cheerful and may

the New Year begin on

a prosperous note!

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